Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins

I have started playing Dragon Age: Origins from Bioware. The story is compelling and the graphics look very good. There are 2 starting races, Dwarves, Elves and Humans and 3 classes, warrior, rogue and mage. Depending which race and class you choose determines you background. A Dwarf character can start as a warrior or a rogue and can be either a Dwarven noble or a Dwarven commoner. Elves and Humans can be any class. A mage can only be a member of the Magi. An Elf can choose to be Dalish Elf or City Elf if not a mage while a Human who is not a mage can only be a Human noble. I have tried the starting stories for all but the Dalish Elf. The stories are quite involved and really help to develop the back story for you character. Regardless of the actions you take, assuming you do not die, all character move on to becoming part of the Grey Wardens.

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Michael Humpherys said...

I ran through the Dwarf commoner back story and it was pretty gritty. I'm told that the human story is pretty good, but that the elvish one is pretty lame. But some of the best parts of the story are when people comment on your back story, your race and your status (noble, commoner, circle of mages). I hope you enjoy it.