Friday, July 26, 2013

Busting the mythicists

Some people claim that Jesus of Nazareth is just a myth. They claim he was created as a god man. worshiped by the early believers. This claim is not supportable.

The earliest sources we have for Jesus are the epistles of Paul and the Gospel of Mark. Neither Paul nor Mark indicate that Jesus is the same as God. In fact, neither believes Jesus was born as the son of God. For Paul, Jesus became the messiah, the king of the Jews and the son of God (another title for the earthly king) at his resurrection. For Mark, Jesus was named son of God at his baptism.

Mark clearly does not think Jesus was God. Jesus was baptized, meaning he went to have his sins cleansed.

There are many reasons to think the mythicists are wrong. While my evidence here does not prove that Jesus exists, it does show that the claim for why this supposed myth was created is obviously wrong.

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