Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abortion and crime.

In 1966, Romanian communist ruler Nicolae Ceauşescu made abortion illegal in Romania. Due to lack of adequate contraception, abortion was the main form of birth control used up until that time. The main objective of Ceauşescu was to increase the birth rate to boost the population and it worked.

Romania faced starvation and poverty because of the communist dictator. It should come as no surprise that the communist country face rampant poverty. Mixing poverty with unwanted child birth has disastrous consequences. As the population grew, Ceauşescu faced the ultimate consequence of his foolish policy. His people rebelled, most of whom would never have been born if not for the ban on abortion.

We may be happy to see a communist dictator fall under the pressure of a dissatisfied population he help to create, what kind of situation would we expect to find in a capitalist country like America.

An unfortunate rise in crime was seen in the US fueled in part by the crack epidemic. Due to the crime wave, crime rates were expected to sore during the 1990s. However, crime rates dropped.

The 1973 case Roe v. Wade affirmed a woman's right to an abortion. States with the highest abortion rates experienced the greatest declines in crime during the 1990s. You might ask, what is the connection?

Legalize abortion granted access to abortion services to the poorest of women. Often the woman was unmarried or in her teens or poor, and sometimes all three. These are the same women whose children are at highest risk of committing serious crimes. With access to abortions for these women, the children who would have been born to continue the increase in crime rates were never born.

Some may say that this does not justify abortion because it is the killing of an innocent life. But if abortion were made illegal again, we threaten everyone's welfare. They see the millions of pregnancies ended on the same level as crime. However, none of ours welfare is effected by abortion but an increase in homicides and other violent crimes threatens everyone.

The anti-abortion crusade never talks about preventing unwanted pregnancies, there is only a fight to prevent access to abortion. The Catholic church is an even worse offender fighting against even the use of contraceptives.

If anti-abortion groups want to be taken seriously, they need to come up with better alternatives. The only options they offer are 1)  keep the baby even if you are not ready and it places a serious burden on your life or 2) give the baby up for adoption.

Making abortion illegal again would only be a losing proposition for everyone. 16 to 18 years after, we would see a rise in crime rates. Unwed, young and poor mothers would be faced with giving up their lives to raise a child in poverty or going through the dramatic experience of child birth only to give up the baby.

If you are anti-abortion, you have to come up with a new alternative.

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