Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missing Dad

I recently had an emotional experience. My daughter and I went to visit my father's grave. I gave little Amy flowers to put next to the headstone. My father is gone, lost to the void and it hurt to think about. Amy will never get to meet her grandpa Humpherys.

Was this a religious experience? Was it spiritual (and there is a difference)? Or was it just an emotional experience?

Does missing my father and visiting his grave mean that I believe in a god? Do I have to believe in an afterlife in order to miss my father?

Even if you believe that physical beings can transcend their own demise, of what benefit is visiting their grave. Does going to a grave benefit the deceased?

Whether or not you believe in the magical sky fairy, and even if you believe that the essence of a person that is contained within the physical brain can be magically transformed into something nonphysical, visiting a grave is only a benefit to the living.

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