Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Defending liberarianism: against modern liberalism

Modern liberals are a peculiar bunch. They advocate the use of violence against the very people the purport to want to help. Few will claim they want violence, but they want laws to prohibit or mandate certain activities which are enforced through violence as I explain here.

There are several areas where liberals attack the ones they propose to help. In healthcare, they advocate for a single payer system, also known as universal healthcare. The problem with such a system is that resources are misallocated. A free market system would be logically superior. Since government misallocates resources, prices are forced up. Not too surprisingly, healthcare cost have gone up in the US since the government has gotten more involved. Virginia is proposing a single payer healthcare system but since such a system would require the state to almost double its budget, there is no way to support such a system without massive tax hikes which would result in massive economic harm. Since health is highly correlated with income, such an effort would be expected to hurt overall health, not improve it.

Liberals also advocate using violence to sut down businesses who cannot afford to pay their employees a "liveable" wage.What the minimum wage does is drive out businesses and kill jobs while at the same time reducing competition and forcing up prices of finished goods. This double whammy against the poor, low skilled laborer forces them out of the job, destroying their ability to improve their standard of living through learning job skills and forces up the prices of the goods they once produced.

Another way the modern liberals hurt the poor is through anti-discrimination laws. After the Jim Crow laws were repealed, laws that mandated discrimination, states have done an about face and gone to the complete opposite extreme. These extremist laws force people to associate who otherwise would not. These laws have been in the news lately because they compel involuntary servitude and people trying to exercise their freedom of religion refused to serve gays. While liberals usually stand for civil rights, this is an instance where the rights of one are trumped by the political prejudices of others. Liberals have no basic principles and will stomp on whom ever they don't like. A classic example of irrational behavior, using an inappropriate means to achieve an end. Worse, these anti-discrimination laws hurt the people they claim to help. If a business owner hires a member of a special class protected by these laws, they could potentially face discrimination law suits for any number of activities including overlooking them for a promotion or firing the, even if justified. With these threats looming over employers, it is no wonder being a protected class, exempted from the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the constitution, makes it harder to find work.

I could go on about how liberals hurt the poor and middle class. They force their views through regulations forcing businesses to serve the government and not customers. They support child labor laws which keep children of desperate families from being able to acquire legal work and often forcing them into prostitution.

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