Friday, April 4, 2014

Defending libertarianism: Who will build the roads?

Today I would like to deal with one of the easiest and silliest objections to libertarian philosophy, "Who will build the roads?"

This is an easy objection because it is clear that the market can provide roads. Historically, roads were done privately in the US until the they were seized by the government. There are still some private roads in operation.

Roads provide an essential service for  businesses because they provide consumers access and provide transportation routes. Local businesses will support roads that make it easier for consumer to reach them. Exporting businesses will support highways that allow for the transportation of goods to areas were their consumers are located at.

Roads would be built and maintained by private entities who wish to serve consumers. Right now, there is monopoly on the building of roads. Governments use eminent domain, a legal form of theft, to take property to construct roads often for political gains.

The question should not be"Who will build the roads?" but "Should the roads serve the people or the politicians?"

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