Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Energy Issues

Where do we get the energy we will need for the future? Zero emission sources such as wind and solar are more expensive then coal or oil. Nuclear has only the drawback of spent fuel that can be safely contained.

What about our cars and keeping our current infrastructure powered? We need oil. There is a lot of oil off the coast and in shale. These sources should be looked at. Critics claim that oil companies have plenty of off shore oil but are just not drilling for it. The simplest solution would be to allow companies to own the area on the condition that they build the infrastructure and harvest the oil. A critical component is that they are responsible for any spills that do occur. We could get massive amounts of new oil to continue to fuel our nation.

What about all the pollution? We need to find a way to reduce the amount of CO2 that goes into our air. Carbon dioxide is waste. The best method to deal with waste is to find a use for it. Who ever can find a profitable use for carbon emissions will do more for the environment then any that people like Al Gore have done. Research has already begun into way to use CO2 emissions from power plants to create baking soda. While this would not be effective in cars, this is the direction we need to head to both combat wasteful pollution, whether or not it is the cause of global warming.

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