Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First post

Here it starts. This will be my first post to my blog. Here I shall ramble on about anything and everything that interests me. I may discuss such complex topics as politics and religion or talk about video games or movies. There may be some links posted here to topic of interest. To set the tone of this blog, let me just go over my feelings with regard to politics and religion.

I do not like government. Government is force and violence. Less government is better, no self government is best.

Religion fascinates me. I do not quite understand why so many people still cling to their religions in this modern world, especially given that with so many possible choices about which religion to choose, the probability of guessing which is right is very small assuming any are right. This leads me to conclude that none are right.

To a less forbidden topic, video games. I play many types of games. I like RPG and strategy games. My wife just bought Guitar Hero, so I have tried that out and even though I do not like the music, I kind of like the game.

Of course, I do have interests in books. I like to read about many topics. I have shelves of books ranging from politics and religion, of course, to Science Fiction, Fantasy and even some books on Physics and Biology.

From day to day, my posts could discuss any of these topics or anything that I feel is important.

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