Sunday, July 27, 2008


Who really though that the US was the land of the free. If you live in California or even visit, the state government has declared you their property. Now you do not even have the right to decide what to eat. Not too surprising, the ban on trans-fats benefits big business who can afford the more expensive alternatives to using trans-fats.

This is not the first time Americans have been told they are not free to control their own lives. You cannot choose what job to hold, what meds to take or even when and how to have sex. Government attempts to seize control of so many aspects of our lives.

It is time to fight back. We need to toss out the statists who run our government. Replace them with juris naturalists if possible, anyone else if necessary. If no government official can stay in power if he abuses it, they will have to respect our rights or leave. Flood their mailboxes and phones with demands to give us control over our lives. If they ignore us, unseat them.

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